Mind of a Loner: Relationship-free lifestyle

If you are currently a totally free man without a relationship, there’s a good chance that at someone you know has wished to set you up.
And if your single lifestyle is pretty awesome, your parents’ wishes to see you paired up can get pesky pretty soon. You keep asking why the hell can’t they see there’s just so much coolness about living life without relationships. Being single doesn’t actually mean there is something wrong with you. That’s why we are here with some best things of the singles lifestyle.

#1 You do what you want
Take it serious, do whatever the damn you want. You answer to nobody but yourself. Feel free to set all your inner energy loose. Always wanted to go on a trip overseas? Book it! Dreamt of a huge mad home party with all your buds? Chill out all night and hit the couch in the morning! You’re in charge. Now you run the show. You’re not limited anyhow to check in. You can work around the clock if you like, start your own business and forge your future.
Staying single comes along with a personal freedom that many people engaged in relationships can’t boast to have. It’s totally about you and that’s the best thing.

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#2 Less stressful situations
Say goodbye to the days of quarreling and misunderstanding. The horrid “Where would you prefer to go out?” and “What would you like for your birthday?” don’t bother you anymore. You won’t get judged for the things that appeared excessive to your girlfriend and will make your best of multiple girls dating. The only expectations you have are your own. While stress is an unavoidable fact of life, reducing the amount of it has its significant benefits.

#3 Your independence is stronger
Single lifestyle rocks. You do what you want without asking for an allowance. You are managing and balancing your life checkbook only by yourself. The daily duties aren’t split and nobody is keeping score over what you did and did not. On the emotional side, you don’t need to explain why you feel the way it is. You feel what you feel. Independence is an extremely attractive and satisfying trait.

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#4 No pretending
Happiness fully depends on you. There’s something to be said about finding the inner peace and harmony while on your own. If you are single, you are awarded with many exciting opportunities. You’re totally able to discover you can be alone and your thoughts and dreams are still happy. When you expect your happiness to come from external sources, you’ve already settled yourself up for disappointment. Being single also grants you the experience necessary to find the real you. Thus, you make the decisions that shape you into the person you always wanted to be. If you’d like to share your moments with someone else, it will only help in developing who you truly are. If not, look for reason number one.

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#5 Your s*x life is brighter
S*x holds the top position in a human’s priority list, right up there with breathing and eating.
You know that slobbery honeymoon phase? The one when s*x is as frequent as brushing your teeth, mind-blowing and you jam everywhere you go? When you’re in a relationship, that ultimately tapers off, demanding more effort and work to put in. You’re not just having s*x because it’s Friday’s night and that is your night to have s*x. Whether it’s a one-night stand or a series of dates, singles get the better chance to experience this euphoria on a steady basis.

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