Reasons you should date a British girl

In case if you are that kind of person leaning towards meeting women of different cultures and nationalities, but you are struggling to choose among a passionate Mexican senorita, charming Pole or a blue-eyed Swede is the right match for you, maybe what you truly need is a British cutie!
That’s why we’ve come up with some reasons why your choice could be a lady from the country of kings before you decide dating a British girl.

#1 They got style
Under the influence of the world famous English designers such as Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith – the Brits gain style ideas anywhere their glance lands. The British women always dress up to leave a strong impression and absorb inspiration from the well-known fashion idols such as Keira Knightley, Naomi Campbell and the royal family trendsetter – Kate Middleton. They know what to put on whether it is for a celebratory night event, the outdoor activities or a luxurious party, so take an English girl with you and watch her demonstrate the ways to stand out from the bleak crowd.

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#2 They make perfect guides
Before you learn how to date a British girl, you must be aware that these ladies are really-really smart. As they live in one of the most popular tourist capitals of the planet, full of catholic girls. This area is colorful, multicultural and has great cuisine, music, unique style, nature and a whole lot more to discover. Not a bad thing, huh? Date an “English rose” and she’ll become your personal tour guide along some of the coolest places in the whole UK. In addition, she’ll arrange you a remarkable cup of tea, reveal you where to look for the best cheese and crisps (note: not chips, man) and take you for a pint at an authentic antique English pub.

#3 They adore foreign accents
If you are a foreigner in a chase after dating British girls, then it’s your lucky day, as they appear to be extremely fascinated by foreign accents. Whether you are a gallant Frenchman, an Italian or an American, those ladies can’t help but resist somebody who keeps on surprising them with his unfamiliar articulation. So speak right away and watch them swoon.

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#4 They’ve got a fine sense of humor
Absolutely no doubt, the British girls dating just isn’t meant for those who don’t appreciate a good laugh, because, you know, she won’t take herself too seriously. Many generations of those people were raised on different comedy shows and are known across the globe for their love of sarcasm and bursting sense of humor. If you wish to have a fun time, you can be sure an English girl will grant you a decent giggle!

#5 They are highly polite
Brits generally show much concern about other people and are incredibly polite. If they accidentally run into you, they’ll say sorry without even taking time to think about it. It is more like a second nature. Those manners are something the English have learnt from a young age. You won’t be able to see them “making a scene” so you’ll hardly ever notice them complaining or showing off in public, they’d rather stay quiet or admit something very politely to avoid embarrassment.

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#6 Their lovely accent
You can think whatever you want of the British women, but go ahead, claim it, you can’t ignore their cute pronunciation! Whether it is the manner they pronounce “lovely” or “eleven” – they will kindly amuse you with their genuinely British features. If you get lucky, those girls can even educate you with some specific British slang. Thus, if you have ever wondered what she meant by saying some completely incomprehensible stuff – all will come clear if you date British girls.

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