Psquare are fighting again and Paul just confirmed the cancellation of their US tour

​News of a dispute between the music duo of Paul and Peter Okoye a.k.a Psquare has gone viral as the pop stars have cancelled their American tour scheduled for September.
recently there has been reports that the duo are  fighting and fans may soon be served the news of their split for the second time.
The Okoye brothers had went their separate ways in 2014, after reportedly engaging in a physical combat 
They had disagreed on a number of issues, including if their elder brother, Jude Okoye should remain as their manager.
They later reconcile and dropped some hit songs for fans who pleaded for them not to separate.

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Few days ago, Peter Okoye
took to his Instagram page, where he wrote;
“If it makes you Happy, no one else’s opinion should Matter. #LiveLifeHappy #WordsOfHappiness #KoolestDude   #MrP.”
Followers immediately questioned why he was using the hash tag ‘Mr P’, stating that he only uses it when he is fighting with his brother.
Paul, two days later took to Instagram to issue a warning to someone.
He wrote, “Back to naija don’t take my silence for granted…. only a woman can come where brothers are working in peace and destroy it      #youknowyourself …. try me this time … I swear Nyash go open   you will know that blood is thicker and stronger than juju…”

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A fan on Tuesday asked why the duo are yet to begin their American tour but Paul replied that it has been cancelled.

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