Who Wore It Better? Amber Rose & Kim Kardashian In Latex Dress


Amber Rose launched her new eye-wear range- The Bash Collection- in Los Angeles yesterday.

However all eyes were on her choice outfit. The yummy mummy of one donned a light pink latex dress, the exact type Kim Kardashian wore back in November 2014.

amber and kim

You will recall Amber Rose is Kanye’s ex and the star might just be taking style cues from Kim Kardashian or trying to show Kanye she looks better in that dress.

Whatever may be the case, we could not help but place both reality stars side-by-side. Who rocked the dress better?


Amber Rose

Amber Rose 3

Amber Rose wore the lighter version of the pink latex dress and paired it with a nude strappy sandals and an eye-wear from her collection.




Kim on the other hand opted for a darker shade and wore hers with a pair beige colored court shoes

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