16 Pictures You Won’t Believe Are Real

Don’t be so skeptical! Although we live in a world of fake things, the following 16 amazing pictures are real.

We might not have HD shots of Bigfoot or real-life unicorns, but we do have something that will detonate your mind.

1. Indoor Cloud

We all like clouds and watching how clouds morph their appearance on a warm summer day is one of the most relaxing things imaginable. However, we are used to seeing clouds outside and not in the comfort of our own houses.

Although water vapors can be produced let’s say when a room is cold, you need to have special conditions in order to maintain the phenomenon and give it bigger proportions.

Even though this picture might look fake, it is actually real and it represents an excellent example of the work done by artist Berndnaut Smilde, who experiments with humidity and temperatures in a room, in order to create indoor clouds.

Yes, we also think this is a bit scary! As we take more and more natural elements and become able to play with them, we assume inevitably a God-like position.


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