12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay…Number 10 will shock you most

You will never believe the names that came out as gay recently. The trend is gradually taking over Hollywood and we might be looking at the new ‘normal’ here.

Who is the next star to admit preferring the same sex? It is hard to say, but maybe you can guess. The game is on!

1. Ian McKellen











“You Shall Not Pass!” Just imagine Ian McKellen yelling this at a pride parade, just before bursting into laughs.

The colorful attire is rather unusual for an actor we all associate with the somber role of Gandalf. Sir Ian McKellen hit the streets of Manchester in 2010 to show everyone that being different is not a shame.

The actor is old enough to have caught a period when being gay was not only undesirable but rather illegal. However, he managed to keep a low profile until conditions improved and the law relaxed.

We can imagine that filming LOTR created many uncomfortable situations with the Hobbits. Having small and innocent young men relying on your guidance and experience led many on a wrong path.

Yes, your dirty mind has already created scenarios where McKellen seduces Elijah Wood.

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