How To Save Money For Your Travel


Here Are Some helpful tips on how to save extra cash to build up your traveling money

The coolest way to afford traveling is either you have a rich parents or can be able to save up

Below are some of our tailored tips on how to save up for travel if you dont have a rich parent (wink)


tip One: Look Into How You Spend Money

when looking into how you spend money i.e your spending habit , they are are different means on how to check on how you spend money

let take for example your total income for a whole one month is 600$ which before the next salary will come up you would have spent almost all the former salary before the new one come in

when looking on how to save for traveling you really need to cut off some expenses ,look into what you buy but not necessary and cut off those expenses for savings

Tip Two: Set Aside A Traveling Fund Accound

If you can  set aside a little money from each pay and put it into a travel fund. If you put $20 aside each month, you’ll have saved over $1000 after a year — that’s about the cost of a roundtrip ticket to Europe and also can get you Cheap Flights to Dubai .If you can save more, even better.

Another option is the 52-week money saving challenge. Basically, you save $1 the first week, $2 the second week, $3 the third week, and so on. By the end of the year, you’ll have nearly $1400.

Tip Three: Get Yourself Motivated and Excited To Travel

This step is all about getting yourself motivated and excited to travel — which makes saving easier.

Here is what I do: Before I make any purchase, I think about all the cool places I could go or see with that money. For example, is buying this Snickers bar now more important than buying an eclair in Paris?

I find one of the best ways to get motivated is through watching travel shows, watching foreign movies, and listening to international radio.

Tip Four: Start Cutting Back Your Expenses

Cutting back your expenses is the best way to beef up your travel savings. We’ve listed a few of the ways we’ve cut back on our spending, but not everything may apply to your situation.Also when cutting expenses you can cut expenses by  checking out different Flight Routes to your destination

Lower Your Food Ex out will absolutely kill your budget. I know from experience that living in a big city like NYC, SF, London, Paris, etc. can easily cost you $10+ for every lunch out. That’s an extra $200/month just for lunch. Bringing your own lunch will cost a small fraction of that.

The same goes for ordering in dinner or going out to restaurants. I know the dangers of eating out all too well — we can easily spend $400+/month without realizing it.

If you’re lazy like I am, consider cooking in bulk and freezing the food so you just have to heat it up later. My brother-in-law spends a few hours every Sunday making meals for the entire week and it saves him a fortune.

Cut Subscription Services

Spotify, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Tidal (lol, jk), all those monthly box services, etc. … they all add up.


Sell Old Stuff

We’ve all got old junk that we don’t use anymore, so why not try selling it? Who knows, you could have hundreds of dollars worth of junk hiding away.

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Tip Five: Learn How to Travel Cheaper

Check out tips on how to travel with Cheap Flights

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