Let’s Talk!!! Between SARS And Soldiers, Which Force Do You Fear The Most?


Hi Guys,

Happy new week and also have a prosperous Eid-ul- Adha in advance. I hope you are all doing perfectly fine. May this new week harbinger wealth and health for us all.

We all know its no longer news that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) posed the biggest threat to the youths in the nation since the recent time. And it has turn to a nationwide mayhem that even recently the presidency overhaul their activities.

Hitherto, the Nigerian Soldiers is the most feared force in the Nation, that even a toddler can fathom the damages they can cause to his/her life if the parent threatened him/her with a Soldier’s punishment or drilling.

But of recent, Guys now pally with many soldiers as we now learn they ain’t even the most dangerous force again, since the inception of SARS and their brutalities to innocent citizens.

Mehn! Thinking of the way SARS handle even innocent guys, nobody can change my own perspective about being fearful of SARS more than Soldier. Soldier no dey harrass anyhow na! Unless you find their trouble. But SARS go find your trouble, still beat you join

Well my own jurisdiction might be way more differ from yours and it will also be cool if we listened to your own believe too about who to be feared the most between these two forces and why.

So Guys

Between SARS And Soldiers, Which Do You Fear The Most And Why?

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